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Help Phone won't turn on anymore


Jul 16, 2013
My HTC One X had bricked on me a couple weeks ago after I had it out in the rain a little too long. I had read somewhere that sometimes they can come back to life after a little bit. I was pretty hopeful, since there didn't seem to be any water damaged areas when I popped it open. Long story short, we managed to get it up and running today. I was able to use it without any problems for a while. But while I was on the phone with my sister, the three buttons on the bottom started flashing, and then the phone shut off. I was able to get it back on for a few minutes before it shut off again. Now I can only get it to show the first HTC screen for a few seconds before it shuts off again.

I tried running the boot loader screen, but it too only shows up for a few seconds, then shuts off. I can't make any selections with the volume buttons either. The LED light doesn't light up when I plug it in, but plugging it in does make the screen turn on and off.

Does this have to do with the battery or one of the circuits?

The thing is, my warranty expired a couple months ago. AT&T isn't going to take my phone back to fix it. So I'm willing to do anything (as long as it isn't more expensive than simply getting a new phone) to fix it and get it running again. Any suggestion is well appreciated.
It wasn't out too long. I had been using the stopwatch and as soon as it turned off, I put it in the dryest place I could until I got home. There were little moisture drops in the camera lens, but after a day in the rice they were gone. We looked at each piece inside the phone and nothing seemed warped or anything like that. If the warranty hadn't expired, we probably could have sent it back in.

I saw the stickers. I didn't know those were water damage indicators though. I thought the only one was in the SIM slot.

Update I left it alone all night and tried again this morning. I got it to turn on all the way, but after a little bit, the bottom lights started flashing and a little notice showed up that said "To restart your phone, continue to hold the power button for 3 seconds." After it counted down from 3 it turned off completely. I didn't touch the power button at all while this was happening.
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