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Phones Audio Isn't Working

So, I'm a total genius and set my phone in the window one night due to lack of sleep. So it was a rainy night and the rain got through the window (thanks, wind!) and soaked the bottom of my phone :).

So the next day (my phone had to have been in the window at least five hours) the phone wouldn't turn on. So I took off the back, and took out the battery and sim card and hung it in front of a fan to dry. So it all worked out and the phone starts working again and its all dried out.

So I went to go plug in my headphones and it shows the headphones are plugged in. But the thing is, the audio doesn't work. I went to YouTube and I noticed the sound wasn't working, it was only playing static.

I unplugged the headphones to listen with the external speaker and it still only plays static. No audio.

So what should I do? Do I need to get a new phone all together?


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