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Help Photo appears Fine but then corrupts


Mar 14, 2013
As I am viewing photos in the photo Gallery, 4.1.2(Whatever the latest AT&T update is for the SGS3), they appear fine. With a few exceptions. I look at the following photo and it's fine in the gallery, but when I click on it to see it bigger in full screen mode, it glitches or corrupts. When I connected to my PC and copied it, it saved as the corrupted photo. What's weird is that the photo is fine at first, but then all of a sudden gets corrupted. Another photo I have, but don't have a screenshot of, has lines repeating partial parts of the photo, maybe 10 pixels thick and the length of the photo long. It's very strange, but it doesn't change to that when I view it, it was that from when I took it.

Anyway, here's the documentation of the photo(Please ignore the face blur and small thumbnail blur-That is on purpose, but the corruption is not.).

Non-Corrupt version that appears for 1 second

Before this version shows up
Mine does this all the time. From cutting the pic in half and part of being grey to having a red look with lots of lines going through it like a scrambled TV picture. Luckily I backup everything to dropbox. Its like a pic will be fine then all the sudden a few days later its corrupted. Its quite annoying. I save mine to my SD card as well which is a Samsung card. I've had a few card issues too. My card was wiped of everything music and pics randomly. Wouldn't read it at one point so I had to erase everything and format it as well.

Its really making me think about going back to HTC. I never had any issues with their phones. Plus their camera on the Evo4G LTE is much better than my s3. Who knows.
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it's been a while for this thread so sorry to bring it back up but mine has been doing that too since forever, just started backing up to dropbox which seems like the only solution but it's really annoying....anyone know a fix?!

If you're using a sd card try saving your photos to the internal memory instead. Maybe the sd card is having issues.
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