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photo transfer question


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Jan 3, 2013
i have this a21 from a galaxy and from tracfone that is unlocked now and running on metro pcs. anyway, when i plug the phone into the pc so that i can transfer photos to the pc i have to tap the allow every single time.

on my lg k20 i could set it to do this as well but i never had to tap and allow every time i connected the phone to the pc. i would like to find a button that lets me switch o this on, so that every time i connect the a21 to pc it just opens up so i can click the a21 in the folders and get into the a21 to select the photos i need to move over to the pc.

does anyone have a fix for this?
yep been there done that and in the usb area i have selected transfer photos but i still get that annoying popup that I have to allow usb every time i plug the phone into the pc. and i do not see it in the developer options unless i have missed what they call it. under default usb configuration i have transfer files selected. and i'm sure i had transfer mages, but then when i connect the phone to the pc i get a different page that i have to close before i get to the actual phone folder. so if someone has a way to turn that off then i can keep the usb setting at transferring images and be done with it.
on my lg phone i did not get that extra popup, if i plugged the phone into the pc i would go to the folder and click on the lg and then proceed. this a21 is way different.

i think that popup is something in windows, so i'm heading over to win10 to see if this issue can be fixed in the pc program. when it just popped up i went to the setting and sure enough, it look like some of windows stuff. i turned off everything and even window corva drive but i still get it. so maybe if no one here has any idea win10 forums may have one.
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well i did find out that it is from windows for some reason what was going on is when i plugged in the phone the pc and windows saw that and windows popped up some type of photo program that wanted me to pick and choose what to do with photos. so i clicked on the menu in that popup and went to settings and turned off corva and video and photos and everything else that had to do with images and gave it a try and now if it does popup it just goes away in a second so i can live with that i guess. this last time i want to send a photo to a local forum and when i plugged the pc into the phone that popup did not show up, so maybe now it will be ok. but i still have the question out for the win10 guys to see if there is a way to remove that from the program or if i can go into the registry and just turn it off.
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