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Pic messaging from an app?

I started to use TextPlus which works great if you want to text people and not give your actual phone number out, but it doesn't do pic messaging.

I really need to find an app that allows pic messaging that uses something OTHER than your real phone number.

For those that aren't familiar with TextPlus..... I would tell someone they can text me by texting "myname" to 60611. And it opens a conversation window on my phone, without having to give my actual phone number. I would even pay for an app that has this, but I need one badly, and need it soon. I need something that supports the receiver not *needing* the app also. If someone texted me from a non-Android phone, it would just show up on their side as a regular text message. I have unlimited messaging, so I also don't care if an app has to go against my text messages either.

Anyone have any ideas? Apparently Apple has one called TextNow, but booooooo on Apple :rolleyes:


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