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Root Pictures missing after flashing ROMs


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Jun 3, 2010
I have had no issues before, but now when I flashed the rubix focused 1.0 (from rubix 0.3) i have lost all but 20 camera pictures and all but 1 downloads. Even more odd is that when I restore to my backup the pictures show up but then they start to disappear. I connected my phone to my laptop and only the 20 pictures show up in the camera file, however, ALL of my pictures (camera, download, wallpapers, etc) show up in the thumbnail folder but the quality is not very good (obviously). does anyone have any idea how this happened and what I can do to get my pictures and videos back?
I had to use a recovery software (recuva) that's free online to recover my pictures and videos. sad thing is i can't get all of my pictures and videos back. i lost most of my videos although a few were recovered successfully. the files were clearly deleted somehow between flashing ROMs and I thought the sd card was safe. i lost one of my favorite videos of my niece. sigh...
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