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Pixel 4 XL battery life


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Jan 2, 2014
My battery life, I'm lucky to get 8 hours. Yesterday 4 hours in and my phone was almost dead. I am attaching what android says is using my battery. Nothing looks excessive. I don't want to turn on any battery saver because I have some alerts for work and the last thing I need is for an app that I need an alert for not work because it was put to sleep. I want the battery to work using built in apps. I just switched my note 20 for the pixel 4 xl because it has some features that work really well for my job that a non pixel phone doesn't offer. Note 20 can't be rooted. I know I could root this pixel, but I don't want to. I think my work apps and profile might quit if I rooted it. Also, when I've rooted phones in the past and it always introduces new issues. I like non rooted and supported. I also bricked a pixel years ago because I rooted it. I know better now and would never make that mistake again. I couldn't get the phone to boot. I kept reading articles and getting nowhere. So after hours of frustration, I thought maybe if I lock the bootloader, it will fix the boot issue. Well, it locked in the boot problem and I couldn't get back into the os to enable developer mode to unlock the bootloader again. I know better now. But, still... My wife would flip if she heard I rooted a phone again. That mistake cost me a new phone.

Ok, so I'm rambling on. Ultimately I think a stock phone should be able to last a full day. The only time a phone is dying 4 hours into the day is because an app is draining the battery. But, I can't see that from the image.


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I feel like, mentioning you don't want to root once, would have sufficed.
Anywho. First, I'd get rid of all the bloat.
Uninstall all apps you don't use.
If some of the pre-installed bloat has been made system apps, you can get rid of them without(!) rooting your device by following this guide:
(Only uninstall apps you know. Don't uninstall things you're unsure about.)
Next, turn off all types of signals you don't need.
I.e. don't use apps that need GPS?! -> Turn off GPS.
Don't use bluetooth?! -> Turn off BT. Don't use NFC?! -> Turn off NFC; etc...
Reduce screen brightness.
Reduce the time until the display goes to sleep.

Well, that's all that instantly came to my mind. But it's very likely there is more you can do...

P.S: You always have the option to exclude important apps from battery optimization.
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Do you really need nPerf to run constantly? I'm guessing that's a primary contributor to your battery drain. I'd uninstall that app or at the very least restrict it from running in the background.

The Facebook app also kind of has a bit of a reputation of not being gentle to a phone. You may consider using the "Lite" version of Facebook - or, better yet, just use the mobile website for getting your social fix.
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Check out these screenshots and see if you can give suggestions. The phone is lasting about 4 hours per charge.


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Check out these screenshots and see if you can give suggestions. The phone is lasting about 4 hours per charge.

Have you looked at disabling nPerf from running in the background or trying an alternative to the known-battery-abusive Facebook app like I suggested?


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