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Pixel 4a and FITBIT tracker compatability


Jan 21, 2021
Pixel 4a and Fitbit charge4tracker compatability.
Has anyone had success getting a Pixel 4a to work with the fitbit Charge4 tracker App? Fitbit support tells me they cannot help as the 4a is not yet on thier compatability list. I have read in other forums that others may of been successful. Thanks Mike
I was in the process of buying the 4a phone , as my current phone is shot, and decided to give Fitbit support a call to make sure it was compatable. They stated that it was not, and most probably would have issues such as synching, and could give me no further information. So i have not bought the phone yet. Poking around the Internet, I have read of some partial success with gettiing the Fitbit working on the 4a. I was hoping to get more details from someone who actually has been using it on the 4a.. Otherwise I will have to go with a different phone.
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The trouble is that Fitbit are very slow updating their compatibility list, and so will often list phones that work perfectly well as "incompatible". And online support staff work from a script, so if the device isn't on their list there's a high risk of just getting a stock answer, whether it actually works or not.

So you are doing the right thing, trying to find out from someone who has actually used it. Unfortunately I don't have a 4a myself.
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