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May 23, 2010
Cincinnati OH
I just received an email from PlayOn.Tv because of a post I had on their forum saying that their service is now working on Android devices. So I went to check it out. I was already a Premium subscriber waiting for Android support.

After setting up my PlayOn media server I can now watch Hulu and my movies that I have on my computer on my phone over 3g.

Thought I would pass this info on to anyone else wanting to watch Hulu on their phones.

The link to PlayOn to try the 14 day trial is.

| PlayOn | Watch Hulu, CBS.com, MLB.tv, Netflix, and more on your TV with PlayOn!

It is a paid service.

39.99 for the first year
19.99 every year after that.

I bought mine during the holidays at it was discounted to 19.99 the first year.
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I just tried it out. It works on wi-fi and 3G. In order to make it work on 3G you have to do some port forwarding

You also need to sync your device first using wifi. After you sync the device you can stream it over your ISP to your 3g device if you have the correct port(s) forwarded on your router.

If you follow the guide on the site you won't have a problem setting this up.
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