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Please help an idiot...


Jul 31, 2010
Hi everyone Ive used this forum for a while as a lurker to pick up bits of advice from people more in the know than me. I wanted to update my phone basically but im getting a bit confused when im trying to do it. I have read through these forums extensively but I dont really know what im meant to be updating, the ROM or the software and im not even sure what version of android I am running right now. I have a HTC Hero and my phone provider is T-Mobile. On the phone status screen it says...

Firmware Version: 1.5
Baseband version:
Build Number: CL#69351 release-keys
Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

Now do I need to update the firmware version? Software version? and what's a ROM? I know there is lots of info on these forums about updating but I dont really know what im meant to be updating. Ive looked on the HTC website and the only downloads I can find are ROMs are these the things I need to download to update the version of Android im running. Also I thought the Hero recieved updates over the air? I have never recieved any updates over the air or been offered them. Sorry for all of the questions but this is something I have been trying to do myself for a long time and failed miserably so I hope someone can help. Thanks :)


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