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Help Please Help...LG Volt stuck in bootloop, can't access recovery or download mode, only fastboot


Jan 6, 2017
Hi all,
I hope someone can help me figure out how to get my volt working again . A little history....Around the first of the year the phone started freezing and turning off on a regular basis until it finally started bootlooping. At the time I had not rooted or put a custom recovery. I followed the guide for unbricking by bg4m3r that takes you back to ZV3 and then let it update. I then rooted and installed TWRP.All went smoothly and worked beautifully for about three weeks and it started the bootloop again. I tried installing a backup through recovery but nooo, it would not work. Finally, I reinstalled the os again following the same unbrick guide, updated, rerooted, etc. This has happened a couple more times. A few days ago Google froze up on me and the phone locked up...Finally got it powered down but when it restarted...bootloop ! However this time I can not access recovery. At first it would get to the factory reset screen but go no further. So I thought I would see if I could get into download mode but it goes to fastboot instead. I read that this could be a corrupt laf. partition and that flashing a radio.img would fix it. I tried flashing a zv6 radio image but it came back with remote : partition table does not exist. I did not reboot, just pulled the battery and got back into fast boot. When I type fastboot devices the s/n that comes back is a twrp backup I made in Jan. I queried for a partition list and it came back with "status read failed(too many links)
This is a rooted LG volt / ls740.
The phone is stuck in bootloop. I have twrp but can't access it.. I can't get into download mode either . It goes to fastboot.The computer recognizes the phone as "Android bootloader interface" I don't know what to do
Please help ..


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