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Please Help Me!! My LG G2 got stuck in LG LOGO.

Athar Ahmad

Jan 31, 2016
I was running LG G2 D802 on 4.4.2 and i wanted to upgrade.
So i first rooted with the help of ioroot. then for CWM Recovery i used the Autorec.apk, after the autorec it could only showup in fastboot, so with the help of LG Flash Tool i download my kdz for the mobile and flashed it to my phone through the tool. now it got Stuck in LG Logo and it cannot enter in Download Mode.

When usb cable is connected to phone while it is in the Stuck LG Logo, the device manager shows "LGE Mobile USB Serial Port (COM3)"

@iowabowtech i have read your threads! please help me here.
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