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Please help.....


Feb 13, 2011
...what I have not read is this answer to question...........

I do not use facebook or as call I call it "puss jotter" neither do i use twitter. I use a mobile for phone calls, text, gps and games. Well games due to using my iPod 2g. I would appreciate if you pros in this subject would spare me 2 minutes and help me to decide between the usual boring two subjects ........

Galaxy s 3g or HTC Desire.............

As i said I will use it for online, flash
But the question that I am asking is which would be the better for future use if I get a 24 month contract. Which is the future proof one do you think ??

This is why that I am asking on this forum ?

Mike. xxxx


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Unless the gaming scene in Android advances tremendously in the next two years, I think the Galaxy S is a safe bet. The dual core phones we have now aren't very good on battery life. I would personally wait for the second generation of dual core phones with better battery life. As it stands, the Hummingbird processor in the Galaxy S is tried and true with pretty good battery life. It's still one of the best GPUs on the market.
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The one with higher specs. However, if you're one that always has to have the latest and greatest then it really won't matter much as there are always newer devices coming out.

No Not at all. Anything is better than the cheap phone I have at the moment but I did like the old Nokia E71 I had before I lost it :(

Just dont want to think in a few months time I went for the HTC IF I go for the galaxy.
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Just out of curiousity, why don't you buy a PSP or Nintendo DS for gaming, they are FAR superior than a phone for gaming purposes and since you really don't use any of the social network type stuff why get locked into an expensive 2 year contract when for the same price you could have a really gaming device.

Got a PSP around the house thats flashed but never use it as I just want to play casual games games like Angry Birds and stupid small games and the wife has a DS which is never picked up anymore, if I play a game its on the PS3 or the 360. I was basicly wanting it more for the internet when out and about and the contract is only
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Fair enough. I will say this then: If you have an option I would always go for the HTC device. Samsung's UI is UGLY and not intuitive at all. HTC Sense is amazing. I have owned HTC Hero, HTC Evo, Samsung Epic, Moment and Intercept. HTC is a much better experience in my opinion, not to mention that I found the screen quality and device features on HTC phones to be far superior to Samsung (I sold my Samsung GalaxyS (Epic on Sprint) to go back to a HTC Hero for 3 months before I got an Evo...that's how bad I feel Samsung is.
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Well thanks for the comments over the past weeks.

I am glad to announce that I have chosen my tinkler............

Its the Galaxy S...............

I had a shoit of my freinds HTC Desire for a week and boy was that some phone. It was the easy to use interface and the bright coulours. Then I had a shot of my other freinds Galaxy for 4 days.

The first call I recived on the HTC it was easy to hear and pick the call up. The Galaxy S running 2.1 was a nighmare and I mean I was cursing this phone all the way dow to the car.......... GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.......

I plugged the Galaxy into my windows 7 PC that people say dose not work and Android 2.2 update was ready to go.... I thought YES lest see. I plugged the tinklebutt into the PC and away we went.... WOW OH MY GOD this update was amazing. The phone and everything on it isd WOW. The GPS worked the games are amazing and the picture quality is great.
After spending a week with both it is easy to decide the Galaxy S all the way.
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