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Please I need help asap, LG G6 LS993 Sprint MSL


Jul 14, 2017
I sold a phone on eBay unlocked Sprint LG G6. I was able to get it unlocked. My buyer made a couple phone calls and then the next day could not. Through research and speaking to multiple Verizon people we were told that each night it would reset the phone so that it no longer could be used on Verizon. Further researched I learned about the MSL code. First question to do this do you have to root the phone? 2nd question is how to do it step by step. And lastly what if any limitations should we be aware of.

I'm desperate because I just paid for my husbands 7 teeth to be pulled and now we need his upper dentures. If I get a charge back on this I can't. The customer loves the LG G6 but doesn't want to call every day to fix the problem, so please out of the kindness in your heart, if you can help, I really need it..Don't know if this helps but I read this, depending on the model phone, it's quite easy to use a Sprint PCS
phone on VZW if you can get the MSL from Sprint. Which is easy to do if you
still have, or know someone who has, a Sprint PCS account
It was messed up. They wouldn't unlock it til 50 days so I had to pay someone to do it.
.... and that could be the problem. Getting someone else to unlock it without satisfying Sprint's Terms and conditions

Edit: I guess what I'm getting at is, if the contract you had with Sprint, if any, including the time frame they require about the device being connected to them, is not met, and having someone else unlock it before all the parameters are met, your buyer is going to have connection issues with Verizon.

I hope that makes sense :eek:
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When I used to flash phones you could use a program like cdma dev term to read the msl, I doubt that would still work lol.

The msl if i remember right is used to wipe and reprogram the phone like to wipe the associated number etc.

Since you were the original owner and call to Sprint or a message on social media should get your msl without issues.

If the phone is unlocked for outside of the USA you could have issues like this.

I ca
Is the MSL code the unlock code from Sprint? I think I am confused. Are they synonymous?
If the device is free and clear of her contract and has a clean ESN, they (Sprint) provide the MSL code (unlock code?)
The MSL code does not do the sim unlock. I usually refer people to Stefano at www.Idoneapps.com for sim unlocks and he does a variety of other things.
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