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Feb 22, 2021
I am starting work on a very simple app with Android studio and even if the idea is simple I have no knowledge how to go about it and I am hoping someone can quickly guide me in the right direction :

Purpose is to select elements from a list

ex. I have a list of different combinations ranked from best to worse

1. A B D
2. G B X
3. A G S

I want to give the user the option to select what elements they have for ex. "A D S B" and then my app should select all the possible combinations of those elements
from the list in the best to worse order.

I hope it makes sense and someone can at least tell me if there is a certain algorithm that helps me achieve this. Thank you !
Sorry Bud it is hard to gather what you are trying to do from that post.. Can you supply a real life example?

Is 1 an list of three elements so you have multiple lists of 3?

Not quite sure what you mean by picking all possible combinations from the selected elements.

Maybe if you made the elements more understandable for example

1 car bike plane

not sure if that is even what u are getting at but maybe supply something more concrete.
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OK let me just use the actual terms its for a mobile game and those are legions that can contain 3 heroes. I plan to make a list of all the possible combinations of heroes and rank them from best to worse . The apps job is : the user will give the app all the heroes that he owns in and depending on the choices it will check the list of the possible combinations and show them by rank ( for the user to find it easy to know which 3 heroes he should use and focus on) . I hope this explanation clarifies things .
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