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Plzzz HELP my phone remove all whatsapp chat

3 days back , the storage was full and suddenly the whstsapp vanished no cgat history . I went to settinv then chat then last back up it was 2018 eventhough wahats is make backup everyday at 2am then i press Backup it gives me 15 GB to be uploaded to my google drive it takes one day to finish .

Now last backup is updated and give me 11 GB
I reinstall whatsapp in a different phone and tried to restore the 11GB backup from google drive . It give me a message " unable to restore chat from this backup plz skip or get from previous version .

I hold everything to see how you can help me .

All my work in these chat history . Plz hell me how can get my whatsapp back nd i will pay to the one who can help .

Plz help me


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Can't really help you with Google Drive, as I don't really use it much, apart from occasionally sharing lesson materials and Chinese device ROMs sometimes.

You're using a Samsung Note8? But FWIW last week i did use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer apps and data from a Huawei Mate10 phone to a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and that did copy over all my WhatsApp content as well.
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Can you not manually copy the backup files from your older phone (the WhatsApp chat backup plus the WhatsApp/media folder) to the new phone and restore there? It may take a little fiddling to get the media right, but it's possible - I've not done it, but my brother did when he last changed phones.
I didnt do that still last backup showing 11GB of last backup in my google drive .
Is this 11GB is my whatsapp files containing all msgs?
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