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Help Podcast Addict in Android Auto doesn't play audio until after playing audio via Play Music

I use Podcast Addict to listen to podcasts. I recently received a new Pixel, on my previous Pixel it worked great. On my new one, whenever I want to play a podcast it will play, but no audio will come out. If I switch to Google Play Music and play just a second of a song from there, then switch back to PA, it will play properly. This happens every time I turn the car off and back on.
I've cleared the app data in PA and it works at first, but as soon as I import all my podcasts, history, etc it starts happening again.
I even tried downloading all the podcasts manually instead of importing settings but it still happened.

Any suggestion? I'm open to using a different podcast app, but I want the following features
-Downloading for offline playback
-Speed adjustment (I listen to podcasts at anywhere from 1.2 - 1.4x)
so can't just listen to them in Google Play Music.

Also, listening to podcasts works fine outside of Android Auto- works on the phone, via bluetooth to the car stereo, and line in to multiple devices.


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