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Podcast App Questions


I searched a bit but couldn't find an answer to my question so here goes:

I am looking to get into Android. I have narrowed my search to either the Galaxy Tab 2 or the Galaxy Player 5.0. One of the main uses for this device will be podcast watching/listening as well as music. I am currently using an iPod Classic and will replace it with one of these devices.

With each of those devices only have 8GB of internal storage, my main concern is if can I store the podcasts on the micro SD card and not on internal storage? I know that the app itself has to be installed on internal storage.

Also, most if not all of my podcast consumption will be offline so streaming won't be an option. I will need to store the podcast before leaving my connectivity. I have read good reviews on doggcatcher but cannot find the answer if I can store them on the micro SD card.

Thanks for any information!


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