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POI-2-NAV: Waypoints Helper


I would like to introduce "POI-2-NAV" - "ONE POI-database for ALL Nav-Apps" to you.

POI-2-NAV - an app that lets you save your Points of Interest (POIs) in an offline database and use them on any navigation app!
With POI-2-NAV, you no longer have to worry about which navigation app your POIs will work on - you can use any navigation app with POI-2-NAV.

Easily import your POIs via sharing from Google Maps or other apps, by importing a KML- or GPX-file, or manually.
Instead of launching a Navigation app, looking for and selecting a POI, and then beginning to navigate, "POI-2-NAV" puts your locations first: open "POI-2-NAV", select your POI, and then choose the most appropriate navigation tool via "POI-2-NAV".
So you might use TomTom or Sygic for driving, but prefer OsmAnd or Locus Maps for hiking or cycling.

Are you planning a long trip with multiple stops? Have you forgotten where your car is parked?
Import and save your personal POIs, create your own database, and always carry your favorite destinations with you - ready to navigate to!

With POI-2-NAV, your POIs are always with you, no matter which app you choose.
Get ready to navigate with ease - start using POI-2-NAV today!

I would be very grateful for any feedback and ideas for improvement.

You can download POI-2-NAV from Google Play Store
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POI-2-NAV has received several important and powerful updates over the last months:
* a MapViewer (Openstreetmap) has been added.
* a powerful POI-Tagging system is now available, which allows efficient filtering of POIs
* responsiveness and stability have been significantly improved
* Day and Night Color schemes have been added

Download it (POI-2-NAV: Waypoints Helper - Apps on Google Play) and try it!
Screenshot 2023-07-23 174556.pngScreenshot 2023-08-04 193230.pngScreenshot 2023-08-04 193845.png
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