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Pool/Snooker Game over internet

I'm looking for a pool/snooker game that I can play against friends over the net.

Is there anything like that?

I am working on it. I released the first free version of my Snooker game recently, and network play has always been the development goal. I haven't implemented it yet, but the game has been built from the ground up with that in the roadmap. It may not get there for another month or two as I am doing it on my own in my spare time, but it will. I'd be really interested in whether you would see it as more valuable to be able to play e.g. in the same room as your opponent (maybe via bluetooth), which might be more immediate, or across the internet?

Meantime, you can get some practise in :D


I have written the game with the constraint that I enjoy playing it - it's all about the balance and dynamics of simple gameplay rather than flashy graphics and pointless options, and it will probably never be completely finished, but I'd love to get any constructive feedback on it.
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