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Help Possible browser hijack? Help :(


Feb 24, 2016
Hi. So I was browsing Reddit on my Samsung Note 4 and after opening a web url, was redirected to a spammy site with those warnings about cleaning your phone with an "agree now" prompt. I closed the browser manually through task manager because there was no way to back out of it.

As far as I'm aware, nothing was installed. I didn't tap on any prompts. I have "Allow installation of applications from both trusted & unknown sources" shut off as well.

After that, I lost internet connectivity on my phone briefly. Clearing out Chrome cache & flicking wireless off/on resolved it.

Today, I needed to reset my PW on Gamestop. After opening the reset link in my email, my Chrome browser gave me an untrusted security certificate warning. I tried on IE and also get a warning about certificate/possible redirect.

I don't have any other issues. Not getting any popups, not seeing any redirects and nothing else strange occurring. I've been browsing the web on both IE & Chrome and nothing else is popping up.

I did the following:
  • Went into App Info, Force stopped all browsers, cleared their data/cache & uninstalled all updates so they were factory.
  • Installed & scanned with 4 or 5 different anti-viruses. Didn't find anything.
  • Tried with both wireless on and off using mobile network.
I'm still getting the security certificate error. I'm concerned there's some sort of malicious redirect going on.

Any thoughts on what else I can do / test? Thanks so much for any input!
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