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Post Software Update Changes


Mar 25, 2021
Since installing the last update on my Samsung A51 I've noticed 2 changes in the phone's behaviour.
1. The sleep button on the side of the phone no longer turns off the phone when I hold it. Instead it turns on some voice-recognition app. I now no longer know how to turn off my phone!
2. Double-tapping the screen now causes the phone to lock. I don't want this to happen.

Has anyone any idea how to undo these changes, or where in the settings I can choose the behaviour I want?
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The display settings, and/or screen lock settings, along with maybe the accessibility settings.

Also check your security settings inside device administrators, because Google recently put some crapware in there that allows apps to do something with your phone lock and/or password (I removed it, so don't remember what it was).

This is exactly why I do not allow updates to my device.

In my experience, 'security updates' and the like are only Google and providers reclaiming devices that we think that we control.

Developers options
Automatic system updates

Also, if you had been running a firewall, you might have been able to discover exactly what app(s) were responsible for the update.

Then you could go about disabling, denying permissions, clearing all data, and/or whatever else can be done with such intrusive crAPPS.
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