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Apps Pre-development questions (Animation software)


Dec 14, 2010
Hi all ,
I am a computer science student about to start on my final year project .

For this i have chosen to create an application for users to learn Karate Katas. The idea is that the user will select the Kata to learn and then a 3D animation of the moves will appear on screen , Then the user can navigate around the environment to look at the Kata from different angles while its happening and also to slow down ,pause and speed up the Kata itself

When doing the research for whats needed in this project i am a bit out of my depth. When searching the internet for how to do this i found a video of jPCT-AE
Now im just wondering since i really can't figure it out for myself would all i require to complete this project Eclipse with the ADT and jPCT-AE , or what am i missing out on ( possibly a rendering software like Poser or MakeHuman ??)
cause it just seems as if thats too little to complete the project ?

Thanks for any Responses,


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