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prestigio 4500 duo multiphone stuck in bootloop


Dec 7, 2013
pretty much this happened
i just want the phone fixed i don't really care about the files they can get lost. i tried connecting it to my pc but no hope it just stays connected for like 20 secs and disconnects. same with the phone: stays on for 20-40 secs and turns off.

prestigio phone pap4500 duo

some progress:
so i connected it to my computer somehow by turning it off while it was looping and now it's connected to computer and does not get off
it's not in loop it's turned off but connected to the pc. now that i have established a connection any way to force it to factory reset or something

btw it's back into the ******ed loop of going on/off
it only stays on the first screen and if i use the combos that should get me into those special boots that i can do stuff with
volume +/- off/on buttons wont help i tried every combo, doesnt matter what i press it's still on the same image.

I have a video here showing off the problem(my own video):
ww w . youtube . co m /watch?v=o0S8opEKHJk

i don't have clockwerk mod
the phone doesn't want to get into any mode except the ******ed bootloop
if i connect it to the computer it isn't a clear connection
i can't access the internal memory of the phone i can only put the memory card into it
there is no way for me to get to anything except that loop.
no buttons, no volume up/down no nothing can get me out of the loophole only turning it off which doesn't really matter.
the phone is not rooted

somewhat news:
it does connect for a lil while and it looks like this
s22.postimg . org/3lgqpj5f1/Capture2.png[/IMG]
in the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers

and also rarely or when i plug out the batery it looks like this
s23.postimg . org/e0rx86whj/Capture3.png[/IMG]


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