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Private Mode!


Accept no imitations!
  • Nov 17, 2009
    Manchester, Tennessee
    WOW, what a weird problem!

    Just a few days ago, my phone started hijacking every Bluetooth call and sending it to the earpiece. That completely stopped all hands-free calls, in and out. The vehicle's infotainment screen showed the "Privacy" icon lit up, meaning that the call was being routed to the earpiece in Private Mode.

    TL/DR: unpair your vehicle in the phone's settings; delete the phone in the vehicle's settings; restart your phone and vehicle; and pair it all back up again

    A quick call to the dealership revealed that, in virtually every instance, Private Mode is a function of the phone, not the vehicle. Since I couldn't find a Private Mode setting on the unlocked Z Fold 3, I spent upwards of 45 minutes on the phone with a (clueless) Samsung tech support gal. She wanted me to install an app so she could get into my phone and see what I was seeing, and I refused... it shouldn't be necessary. Just tell me how to turn this off! Since there is no Private Mode setting on the Z Fold 3, she exhausted her troubleshooting screens, and apologized.

    I decided to continue troubleshooting on my own and got in the Darling Bride's car. Had trouble connecting: in disgust I just unpaired the phone and forgot the vehicle, rebooted and started over. Paired & connected, placed a call to her phone and it worked fine on Bluetooth.

    I then got in my car and made a test call - Private Mode kicked in within seconds! I unpaired my phone, forgot the vehicle, rebooted and started over with my SUV. Paired & connected, placed a call to her phone... and it worked fine on Bluetooth!

    Bizarre problem but if you run into it, try this method as a solution.

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