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Private Text Messages??


Dec 24, 2012
I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Sprint and I recently received text messages that were marked as "Private". First of all for you to understand the story, I need to briefly describe my situation. For personal reasons, my wife gave up her phone. We now use my phone for both of us. She uses it when she has our kids out and about. Not long after her phone was cancelled, I received a "private" text message but nothing was there- no text and no number. I also have an application installed called Current Caller ID and it registered it as "Private", not my regular phone phone log. I received another the next day and a couple days later I received 2 more back to back. She had the phone the first day and I had it the others. It didnt buzz or ring or anything. I happened to see it on the Current Caller ID log. I do not know what is going on or if this is normal. Please help......
First off thanks for joining the community :)

On Blackberry i know you can set phones to send messages as Private or Urgent. It is a weird setting but I know you can do this because my parents have sent me messages with "URGENT" in the name, like a weird symbol and all.

I really don't know why it would be coming in as that, but it is really weird.
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