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Problem Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


Jul 29, 2017
Thank you for reading

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 13 months ago on Amazon UK

One day the touch screen suddenly started to play, only part of the touch screen was working fine, I did take it to a phone shop to get it repaired, and I was charged £280.00, I can see now a new phone cost £495.00 on Amazon UK.

The morning after the phone was working fine, I went to work I realized it was not switching on at all, even though I knew it was plenty of charge. I did try to plug it in with its own charger and the buttery inflated after 30 seconds and it got swollen.

I took it back to the shop and I was told, the problem has nothing to do with the job they did the day before, after a while that kind of battery with the chemical they have inside get swollen, and he did ask me £45.00 to get it fixed, to replace it, with a new original Samsung battery.

Can I trust this phone shop, how can I know the job they did broke my battery?

Any suggestion according this matter will be very appreciative

Thank you in advance for your support
Sounds like a bunch of incompetent crooks trying to hold you hostage. As much as I hate lawyers and lawsuits, this might be an appropriate situation. Unfortunately actual legal action was probably too much time and effort, but a threat might work. Best of luck

Are you definitely saying that was not a normal behave, so if they open the device i do not know what else they did on it, if they replace with a new battery even the new battery might get swollen and if they are not expert enough they probably caused even other problems to my phone Thank you very much for your support
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