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Problem syncing 'complex' repeating events


Jan 6, 2010
Hi. I am trying to work around the issue in google calendar whereby certain types of repeating event are not directly supported in the user interface. E.g. I am trying to create events that occur on the last weekday of the month. I have tried using two methods so far, a) importing a suitable event from a .ics file and b) syncing from a hotmail account. While both of these methods are partly successful, I hit problems when the data is synced to my HTC Hero running android Froydvillain.

The symptoms are the same in both cases. The first occurrence of each event appears fine in the calendar app on my phone. But looking at the event in subsequent months, the event either is on the wrong day or duplicated and appears on consecutive days around the time it actually occurs. For example, according to my phone the last weekday in March 2011 is on 25, 28, 29, 30 and 31 March!

I should add that non-repeating events and repeating ones that are created directly in the google clendar website sync fine.


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