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Problem with APK file


May 18, 2023
Please ignore this post. The problem seems to have gone away.
but I can’t find a way to delete it.

Noobie here. I installed Android Studio flamingo and followed a couple of tutorials on youtube. My latest effort involves experimenting with the Recyclerview. I have tried running it on a couple of different virtual devices and it runs OK until I try to launch the activity that has the Recyclerview. Then I get this error:

Failed to measure fs-verity, errno 1: /data/app/~~pmpCKyqulePUBHTy7ke96g==/com.example.recyclerdemo-480zG4iexej-Wk4snRDEjQ==/base.apk

So far I have not been able to find enough info about APK files to even know where to look.

Can someone help please? Much appreciated.
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