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Help problem with sync

This may be ill placed if so I apologize I have gs3 Verizon I put it on cricket using micro sim no problems. Rooted it (stock rom) months no problems. Then I ran into a sync issue couldn't download anything of Google play had no idea it was sync issue removed Google play redownloaded apk still not working cleared cache unrooted factory reset as well n what's worse after factory reset is when I found out sync issue cuz now Gmail won't add contacts or sync either any ideas?
Hello and welcome jonastewart41:)
I moved your thread into the S3 forum so others can help out;)

So as of now, your device is unrooted, stock, and was a Verizon phone now on Cricket?

Are you able to sign in to your Google account?

No only on browser it is a confirmed phone issue though I borrowed a friend's phone and synchronized no problem am unable to sync gmail or anytHing that I'm aware of n it's been on cricket for months with no problem before
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