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Problem with wifi and audio


Nov 7, 2022
Hello everybody,
I bought a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year.
Until August 2022 I have never had any problems.
Then now it is not possible to enable wifi and when I open it the audio no longer works.
I called Samsung about the warranty and they told me it's not covered by the warranty for them because it has a small mark
in a corner of the smartphone, absurd.
So since I am an IT and electronic technician and I have already repaired Iphone in the past, I am trying to repair it myself.
Also because to repair it out of warranty they asked me for 600 euro.
I have already opened the back cover and checked the various flex cables.
I wanted to ask you if there was a Fold 3 hardware expert among you, I mean that he knows the various components.
for example for the wifi problem that does not enable what should I look at exactly, does it have its own board or a flex cable that I can replace?
For audio not working when I open it here too maybe it could be a flex cable problem.
I have yet to open the main display to see the other components.
Let me know if there is any expert.
Well you can keep trying to fix the problem yourself or pay someone who will attempt to do the same, but it sounds like you should just accept the fact that you did violate the warranty, with intent, so now it's a 'pay to repair' issue.

Just regarding the WiFi problem, how did you determine it's due to hardware and not a software/firmware issue? If it is hardware, how did you determine just what did fail? The antenna? Its connector to the logic board? The WiFi radio chip? Or are you thinking you're just going to replace components one at a time to until WiFi is working again? (....including an entire logic board replacement if the chip is actually the source of the problem)
The same applies to the audio problem.
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Ok that's right, it's a 'pay to repair' issue.
For the software or already tried several times to restore it to factory data by also clearing the cache and then I ruled out a software problem.
But if you have other advice to give me they are obviously welcome.
As for the hardware I wanted to repair it by myself, I just need to know which components to change, for example if it could be a problem with the flex cable, I buy them online at low prices, or the antenna. Obviously also as regards the problem of audio when I open it. It only happens when I open it for this reason I thought it was a flex cable problem that maybe it is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Thank you
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A Factory Reset only wipes the user data partition clean and that's all it does. It does not do anything to the installed Android operating system. You can do a Factory Reset a dozen times or more, and that result will be the same.

Your internal storage media is divided into several partitions, most are dedicated to the operating system, and only one big one is set aside as the user data partition. So a Factory Reset is not 'resetting the software' if you're attempting to imply this does some magical fix to the Android OS running on your phone. Wiping the user data partition simply deletes that one partition, where you data was stored. All the other system partitions are left as is.
To actually replace/restore the firmware on your phone (the Android operating system itself), you need to go through the much more involved process of flashing the appropriate stock ROM. Flashing a ROM will install a clean version of the OS into those system partitions.
But that's all just software. When it involves hardware diagnostics, you're going to need some sophisticated equipment that can actually test the various components. And odds are it will involve replacing the logic board anyway.
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