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my sony ericssion xperia l18i is not turning on,it is only showing warning symbol when it turned on ..please help me with the answer please ....

Hello shakeelahmedmo, and welcome to Android Forums; thank you for joining us.

First let's get your question about your device into the sub-forum here where others users of that particular phone can lend assistance. :)

A few things you can try right away:

- carefully remove the battery and SIM card, wait a minute and then put them back in

- try to boot up the device

- if the same problem is there, you may need to reset the device back to factory condition

- if you find that a hard reset (factory data reset) is necessary, here is one method of doing that:

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (LT18i) dead - YouTube

Tell us how things are going.. other members here with that device will chime in with more help if necessary.
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