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Problems connecting to Wifi


Dec 18, 2009
Hi guys, I'm having trouble connecting my tattoo to my home Wifi. I have seen similar posts to this one, but as of yet, no resolution.

I can connect to my Wifi at my uni address with no problems, so it is obviously a fault with the wireless rather than the phone.

The phone asks for the WEP password which I put in correctly, it then says "obtaining IP address" only to return with 'unsuccessful' or 'disconnected' - which may indicate that there is some security that is stopping the phone connecting?!

I am not too clever when it comes to these matters, although I'm not completely PC-illiterate, so layman help would be appreciated! Thank you!
I'm having the same problem with my Eris connecting to my office's wifi. I've put in the WEP key close to 20 times and it will never connect. I've brought my laptop in and used the same key with no problem at all. I know the key's good, the phone just won't connect.

I know the wifi on the phone is working... at least partially, because I've been able to connect to my home's wifi. At home I have a 128 bit key and at the office I have a 64 bit key. Does anyone think it may be a problem with the key's strength?
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