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Problems getting "Tablet" apps for PadFone?


Aug 6, 2012
Anyone know how to tell Google Play that the PadFone's both a phone and a tablet (or at least get it to ignore it?)?
Wanted to install a 'HD"-ie tablet-version of an Office programme for use when docked - but the app was "not compatible with any of my devices".

Keen to hear of any workarounds (outside of downloading an apk from a warez site!)

Many thanks for any help.
Unable to tell at this stage, I'm afraid: my phone is away for repair (just wouldn't start one day :( )

As noted, haven't been able to load any tablet-specific apps: intend to try Anges' advice as soon as I get it back.

OTOH, phone apps generally run on both the phone and tablet, but most 3rd-party ones require restarting after docking or undocking (there is a toggle in settings to make selected apps persistent: works well for things like text tones etc that don't require a user interface..not so good on keyboard apps etc: in tablet mode, they end up about 1/4 the size they should be until restarted! <grin>)

Once restarted, tho, most apps seem to play nicely with either the large tablet or (relatively) small phone screen.

I read somewhere that Asus is making an api available for developers to dynamically resize their apps when docking/undocking: hopefully the PadFone will take off and developers will write for it! :)
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Yes, the phone is the "brains" of the tablet. Everything downloaded appears in both app trays. And in the app tray there is a tab for regular apps, tablet apps, and widgets. The apps you put on the "desktop" will be different for the phone and the tablet. There is the ability to live switch between phone and tablet for the majority of the apps; most native apps do it and some of those you will download can do it too. This means that if you are in the browser (on the phone) and you insert it into the tablet, the browser will remain open once docked. I have used the pen to do some tapping and drawing but I have not used it to answer the phone.
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