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problems setting up for VR


Feb 15, 2016
I have just purchased a Deim VR viewer and am wondering why it won't set up properly. To be fair, the instructions for setting it up are rubbish to say the least so i have been in dialogue with Alegol who distribute the vr viewer. I attached the NFC sticker to the inside and downloaded NFC tools, I then scanned in the qr code for deim viewer. When i put the Nexus 6p into the viewer, the screen doesn't rotate to allow me to use the bluetooth controller to use the apps without taking the phone out of the viewer housing and manually clicking on an app that i wish to view. I have the settings of the phone set to rotate but it doesn't rotate when inserted into the viewer which means that the bluetooth cursor is back to front ie mouse up is click left mouse down click right, it is a nightmare. Can anyone help with this problem please
the device came with no qr code so i had to e mail the retailer, they sent me the qr code for the deim viewer, it didnt work they then sent me the qr code for 360 degree googles which works sort of. I think i might have wasted my money with these, the BT controller is next to useless and i have to take the device out of the viewer and manually start everything. Oh well...lesson learned i think
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