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Problems with Fastboot that does not really connect to device


Feb 4, 2016

I'm trying to install Cyanogenmod on my ASUS Transformer Pad, following this tutorial.

I successfully unlocked the device, but I'm failing to use fastboot.

Using the command adb reboot bootloader I can get into the bootloader.

Surprisingly, whenever I type fastboot devices, I see my device without any problem:
<some list of hexa symbols> fastboot

However, typing fastboot reboot-bootloader gives
rebooting into bootloader...
with nothing happening then (my terminal get stuck, even insensitive to CTR+C).

Trying to flash the device (using fastboot -i 0xb05 flash recovery your_recovery_image.img) gives nothing, until I reboot the tablet, which only then prints on my terminal:
sending 'recovery' (6930 KB)...
FAILED (command write failed (Bad file descriptor))
finished. total time: 0.000s

So there seems to be a problem of communication between fastboot and the device.

Do you have any idea of the cause?

Note that my PC is a virtual Ubuntu machine running (using VirtualBox) on a Macbook.
(I didn't do it directly on my Macbook because I'm very unfamiliar of anything technical using Mac, and was not even able to install fastboot on it…)


So the problem is already solved: this did come from Virtualbox. I was manually mounting the tablet to the virtual machine everytime I needed it, but this was not enough apparently: I had to add to the auto-mount list ("USB filters") the tablet (under 3 different ids, including 1 for fastboot).
So problem solved.
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