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Problems with my HTC


Aug 28, 2011
I am suddenly having problems with my Android, which was new in December. HTC model: USCCADR6275US - a basic Droid....

WHen I attempt to text message or read a text message, I get this message: "Phone storage is full! Delete some files to free space."

I know that I have plenty of space left but just to try something, I deleted several files. I also did the usual things: Powered it off then on, removed the batt, put it back and turned the phone on again. Nothing changed - still cannot send or reply to or read texts.

I've also read and heard on the radio that this is one of a few known glitches with the software.

ANy thoughts? I am not hopeful that anyone at the US Cellular Store where I bought it will be much help.

Thank you!
Welcome to Android Forums. The error you received is a common problem. It is mostly due to saved cache. I suggest you join the sub forum for your device and do a search for your error. You should find plenty of past users with your problem and how it was solved. Here is a link to the list of Android phones and a link to their specific forum. Android Phones - Android Forums Just click the link to your device and you should find a solution.
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