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Help Problems with phone call volume

Is anyone else having issues with the phone call volume??
It doesn't do it with every call, and it doesn't matter if it's on speaker or not, volume still sucks. At full volume, if their is noise in the room you are in, it's almost impossible to hear the person on the phone. But like I said other calls are perfectly fine, and the volume for everything else is perfect as well.
Haven't tried headphones, but it does it on both mine, and my wife's phone.
Using LiquidSmooth for a rom if that matters any. As far as reception goes, we can be in the same spot, with the same strength, and 2 different calls will be different volumes. But it also seems to be only from certain people. It's just that it wasn't like that for those same people with our last boost phones.
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I have noticed that the first time you dial any number and turn on the speakerphone the volume is very low. If you hang up, dial the same number, and turn on the speakerphone again the volume is significantly higher. This is the case regardless of whatever ROM you might be running. My guess is therefore that it is a kernel issue. I am currently running CM11 (Official - SNAPSHOT) with the pink kernel.
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