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Pulse and aftermarket android?

Hey guys

new to android and the forums, just got my first android phone a tmobile pulse and was wondering what our options are for aftermarket?



do you refer to software updates? if yes, then the answer is: if you run the market application and go to "my downloads" section you can check if there's an update available for your already installed apps.

if you refer to recommendations based on your previous purchases there's no such things in android market yet, which is a shame for google as presumably they would like to make some money out of it. ;)
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no, i was acctualy asking about aftermarket versions of the android os

it's hard to tell. on some german and dutch t-mobile support forums the admins wrote that an upgrade to android 2.0 (or higher?) will come in Q1 2010, while on a huawei forum someone stated that no software updates will be available for the pulse in the future.

even if no official upgrades will come, we will surely have great custom roms made by devs who are already working on better pulse roms on modaco forums. we already have a custom rom which has apps-to-sdcard functionality, and the guys have just released a kernel which supports ext3-ext4 partitions and swap. compache and other fine stuff are on their ways so the sky is bright upon us. :D

an android 1.6 rom will surely be cooked, and custom 2.0 will hopefully be possible as well.
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