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t-mobile pulse

  1. S

    Huawei u8820 android 2.1?

    Hi.My friend have no branded huawei u8220 with android 1.5 ,I'm interested can we install this 2.1 update from t-mobille?Tnx in advance...
  2. K


    My Bluetooth is not working on my Pulse Phone, It is enabled and other phones can find mine? any idea's anyone?
  3. K

    PC suite

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a Pc Suite CD rom for me Pulse phone, I bought it second hand but no software with it. Thanks.
  4. scary alien

    Root T-Mobile Pulse: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) either El Presidente / scary alien (or any other Guide) if you have any good...
  5. T

    Help Unlocked Pulse not getting phone network

    Couple of months ago I gave my T-Mobile Pulse to my wife to use as I had bought myself a new phone. As she had a contract with Talk Mobile I purchased a code to unlock the phone so that she could use her sim in the Pulse. Everything worked fine for 2 months but today it's no longer connecting to...
  6. A

    Help I want to upgrade my Pulse ( Huawei U8220) to 2.2 or 2.3

    Can someone help me. I have a T-Mobile Pulse (Huawei U8220). Last year i updated it from android 1.5 to 2.1. From some internet page, an unofficial update. But my phone works great. Now i want to update it to 2.2 froyo or 2.3 gingerbread, but i can't find any page to do it. I have sought a lot...
  7. W

    Root System apps reinstallation

    System apps reinstallation is very simple . But You must have root explorer or super manager or root manager to do this . but these three softwares are almost same . you must need to make a copy of the system apps and also the address file .odex when u re uninstalling the system apps . I used...
  8. J

    Help still twitter problems

    Hi folks, i'm still having problems with logging in to twitter. Every time i try to log on - "An error occurred when signing in. Please try again later" I have tried logging in at all different times and have tried to get into twitter through adding other apps. What can i do? Any...
  9. D

    Help Is this normal? Maybe a RAM problem

    Hi everyone, It's 3 AM and I have to be short, because I'm tired as hell. So, I just installed Android Assistant on my T-Mobile Pulse, and it tells me that my phone has 108 008 MB of memory, while everywhere on Internet specs for this phone say that it should be 192 MB. Is this normal, and is...
  10. D

    Help Why has my phone stopped syncing?

    I have recently upgraded to 2.1 on my pulse and everything worked ok for a day or two. However, yesterday and today my phone just seems to have just stopped syncing to gmail. I turn on the 3g, background data, and auto-sync buttons, as well as wifi when available, but nothing happens. I've...
  11. D

    Help hmm.. updated to 2.1 but now can't download anything...problem with the market or my phone?

    Hi a couple of days ago I upgraded my phone to 2.1 and I love the little improvements. However, one thing that does seem to be a problem is downloading from the market. Basically I've been trying to download three app updates for the past two days and it can't do it. It also won't let me...
  12. D

    Help quick question about the sim card...

    I'm about to upgrade my phone to 2.1 but I've never done this before. Do I leave my SIM card in the phone or take it out first? The t-mobile site doesn't give this info..?? If I do it wrong will it affect the sim card or my data?
  13. J

    Help Twitter problems

    Hello, i'm new here. Bought a tmobile pulse phone and have been having a really difficult time logging in to twitter. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Changing passwords. When i try to log on it simply comes up saying - "an error occurred when signing in. Please try again...
  14. C

    Help Pulse 2.1 update in UK

    Hi I love my T mobile Pulse phone, but I seem to be unlucky in my 2.1 aspirations. I have tried twice to get it onto 2.1 Android and twice failed miserably and had to send it back to T mobile to get it repaired. The worst of it was, it came back with 1.5 on it after they released the 2.1...
  15. D

    Help Is there a limit to the number of icons allowed on the Pulse desktop?

    I've had my pulse for nearly a year and I don't know if I have a dud one or not but every time I add a certain number of icons/shortcuts to the home page screens I seem to hit a limit of 41. It won't let me add any more even though I have four half-filled screens and two completely empty (the...
  16. D

    Help My Phonebook Backup - why is the Pulse not included?

    Has anyone managed to get T-mobile's own phonebook backup service working with their Pulse? I signed up for it today, received a bunch of settings by sms which said it had installed successfully on my phone, (not that I can see it anywhere). However, when I log into the website it says I...
  17. V

    MTP USB Device

    "MTP USB Device" "Device driver not successfully installed". I'm not sure what an "MTP USB Device" actually is, but when I plug in my USB cable I get this message popping up on my PC screen. Looks bad. What can I do about it ? And what exactly is Samsung Kies ? Sorry, just realised this is...
  18. C

    Help 2.1 Pulse - Can't turn off autocomplete for texting with android keyboard

    Hi Another question about T-mobile's re-released Android 2.1 for the Pulse... I've noticed something very important missing: the ability to disable autocomplete when texting on the android keyboard. Like android 1.5 you go to: "Settings" - "Language and keyboard" - "Android keyboard" - and...
  19. C

    Help Pre-installed Apps not showing after Pulse 2.1 update

    I've updated my t-mobile Pulse from Android 1.5 to 2.1 and all in all I'm happy with it but one thing I've noticed is that pre-installed apps are no longer showing in the "settings" - "applications" - "manage applications" menu. (the apps still show in the main menu obviously.) This bothers me...
  20. E

    Help my t-mobile pulse phone ran out of charged today just charged it up and now when i press the botton

    hi all need help. my t-mobile pulse phone ran out of charged today just charged it up and now when i press the botton on the side to lock the screen it won't lock it any ideas Please help me asap
  21. E

    Help Help with Pulse

    hi all need help. my t-mobile pulse phone ran out of charged today just charged t up and now when i press the botton on the side to lock the screen it won't lock it any ideas Please help me asap
  22. V

    Help Please insert a disk into removable disk (F:)

    That's the message I keep getting when I try to access my Pulse through my PC via a USB port. I've reinstalled PC Suite and updated the drivers from the Vista-AMD64 folder (I have Windows 7 Home Premium and a 64bit AMD chip so it seems the right choice). Any ideas ? P.S. I've tried a number of...
  23. T

    T-Mobile Pulse update to android 2.1 Feb 2011

    Just looked on t-mobile web site and they have posted the new T- mobile pulse android 2.1 update for the UK.:):) T-Mobile - Help & Support Lets hope it works this time:o
  24. B

    Help reset of pulse mini while off

    hi, my son has only got and put in the pattern lock wrong on his phone and cant remember his gmail account he registered on the phone with. been told need to do restore and i am struggling. as i have to do this while the phone is off. Plz can someone help me!!! hes only had it since xmas. :mad:
  25. S

    Help Restoring factory settings

    Hi I know this has been asked a million times before, but I am at my wits end. I have recently bought a second hand pulse but the seller has'nt restored it to factory settings. I have done everything I can to do so but to no avail. When I follow the instructions on the disc where it says below...