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pulsing notification: "wifi on but not connected"


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Aug 7, 2010
I posted this on another forum but no joy. Will try here:

The above notification is making me crazy. A couple of weeks ago I was somewhere in a config (in CM? In an app?) and saw a setting called "annoy if wifi on but not connected". Now if I go out of range of my WAP the phone starts spazzing, vibrate pulsing, and Music playback gets paused until I unlock the phone and pull down the notification bar. It's wholly unecessary since I get back to WAP range naturally within a few mins and Tasker turns off wifi when I leave the overall location.

Does anyone know what setting to toggle to turned this notification off? I have googled for this string but it is so common in discussions that results are not so useful.

This setting is frustrating me to death. I'd rather not wipe/flash the phone and start over, but I will if I have to. It's that frustrating.


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