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Help [Q] Root problem or what?


Jul 3, 2013
Phone was working fine, I'm using Kyrillos' ROM v9.7 JPU and I have SetCPU, Zdbox, Titanium. Today for the 1st time I had the phone configured for Internet use with an installer the provider sent me via SMS. After succesfully installing and using Internet, I used the phone as AP to get Internet access for my laptop, also succesfully. And after that I discovered I couldnt load iGO. I thought maybe a reboot would help - it didn't. On the contrary after rebooting, SetCPU didn't load, ZdBox loaded and I could open it but it won't go to Task Killer, everything else about ZdBox seems to work. Tried to load Titanium, message pops up saying it obtained Superuser priviledges but won't get passed the root check. Root Checker can't get access either. WTF went wrong? Can anyone help me avoid wiping everything and passing the ROM again?


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