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QBOX pro shuts off with TV


Sep 23, 2022
Hi there...i have a samsung smart TV we just bought and our android box is a Q. box pro.
My previous tv was a a LG and when i shut the TV down the QBOX would stay on so i didn't have to restart it everytime. Now with this new TV, it seems to shut down the QBOX as well. Does anyone know how i can turn my TV off but have the android box still on?
Is your Qbox Pro use its own power supply that you plug into a wall outlet or does it use a USB port on your Samsung TV for power?

If the USB port, it might be a matter where your LG TV had a pass-through, powered USB but your Samsung TV stops powering its USB ports when you shut down and/or sleep it. In that case, use an external power supply for your Qbox Pro.
But if it is already using an external power supply, something is apparently sending a shutdown signal to your Qbox Pro to power itself off so start digging through the setup menus on your Qbox Pro and your Samsung TV for some relevant power-related option.
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