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Help Qi Wireless Charging Issues LG G3

I'm using official QI wireless charger WCD-100 with the LG G3 D855 (international model) which is already built-in QI receiver and ready to be used.
in the first week, everything works well. After a week, the phone usually connected and disconnected from the wireless charger every 2-3 minutes. The screen shows "wireless charging ..%" and screen turn off.. a few minutes later it shows again and again. It is very annoying. I used the original 1.8A adaptor from LG, Genuine WCD-100 charger from LG, original cable from LG, Back cover case original from the box. Every components are genuine LG.

Why it doesn't work well.. please help ?? Is it possible that the problem causes from the software? :(
I sometimes have the same problem. I originally had the CHOE wireless quick circle case clone, but it only worked well with the Choe car charger mat. I ended up ordering a total of 4 other chargers (eventually wanting to have them in office, car, and each of my workshops anyway, so no biggie). None of them worked well with the phone except the Choe, but all worked from well to perfectly with my Nexus 7.

I thus decided it was maybe the Choe case fault, so I ordered the official LG quickcircle wireless charging case. Same results. VERY finicky placement on all. In fact, only one of them, except the aforementioned Choe ever allows it to start wireless charging, and even that one is super finicky on placement, and even then, often goes into a "loop" where it detects and shows wireless charging, and then apparently loses it, and detects/displays the start of wireless charging over and over again, every minute or two. All the others, except the Choe, just give me the "slow charging" warning screen.

I'm willing to pay for good chargers, but haven't found one yet, rather brand name or no name.

Any help appreciated.
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I've not had this issue. I installed aftermarket replacement into the original back cover which replaced the 2 prong for NFC with 4 prong. Works fine and only alerts when fully charged. Though curious, I usually charge with phone powered off. USB charging stays off, wireless QI automatically turns phone back on. My wife's Samsung 5 stays off when charging. Annoying.
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To throw in my two pennies worth. My wireless charger is fine with the normal G3 back. When I put my Quick Circle Case on, the wireless charger displays the slow charging - place phone in centre of Hot Zone message to which so many posters refer. Difficult to get an exact start and finish comparison but, so far as I can tell from approximate same percentage chargings, there is no difference in the charging rate with the quick circle case on - despite the slow charging message!
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I have purchased several of the CHOETECH wireless cases for the LG G3 the first one I purchased charged wirelessly fine (I made sure I had a good cable and a powerful enough transformer. However, the next two cases I purchased (I bought them because the corners became chipped/broken on my first case) did not work. I got two identical cases from Amazon from choetech and both of these refused to wirelessly charge with my phone. I was still able to use my old case so I have 100% confirmed that this is a problem with the case and not my phone as my old case continues to function properly. I have a total of 3 different wireless charging stations and all 3 work fine with my original case but do not work with either of the new replacement cases. Just for grins I did a continuity test on the new/old cases to see if anything was different but they tested the same (short on 1 & 2 contacts and a short across 3 & 4 contacts) which are presumably the charging loops.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else has seen this or has any idea what the problem might be. Also, I would love to hear if there is a quick circle case with wireless charging that is constructed of tougher materials as I concur with someone on amazon that the plastic breaks far too easily.

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