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lg g3

  1. Android News

    T-Mobile updates LG G3 to fix 3G roaming issues

    T-Mobile has issued an update to the LG G3 on its network, bringing a fix for roaming issues for those on 2G/3G networks. The update also includes some stability improvements, although those aren't detailed in the changelog.
  2. Android News

    A brief history of LG's G-series flagships

    Android Authority just whipped up a brief summary of all the LG G-series smartphones that have been released so far. From the LG Optimus G all the way to the LG G6, you can catch up on how the series has done until now.
  3. J

    Help Sound not working

    A week ago my sound stopped working on my LG G3 Phone. BUT while YouTube and Audible do not work, google music and ringtone does. When using an AUX cord still no response. Please help. I would NOT want to wipe my phone. Thank You.
  4. Android News

    LineageOS is now available for the OnePlus 3T, HTC One M7, and more

    We're starting to see more supported devices receive new builds of LineageOS 14.1. This latest batch includes the OnePlus 3T, HTC One M7, LG G3, and the Galaxy Tab S2.
  5. Android News

    The Canadian LG G3 variant just received an official build of LineageOS 14.1

    If you own the Canadian variant of the LG G3 with the model number D852, then you can flash the first official build of LineageOS 14.1 on it right now.
  6. Android News

    Two High-Severity Vulnerabilities Discovered for several flagship LG phones

    Two security vulnerabilities have been identified by MWR Labs as affecting several LG flagship devices including the G3, G4, and G5. The vulnerability is thanks to LG's SmartShare app, allowing attackers to change the API calls made to Dropbox.
  7. Shandemo

    Mirror cast not working

    I have an LG g3 running Android 6.0. I am unable to mirror cast. When I try to play for instance a movie from my phone to my smart TV it displays on the TV unable to play video. I'm assuming this is probably an issue with marshmallow and that the phone would have to be rooted to solve this...
  8. Positive P

    Help Verizon Blues

    Hello all, it's been a long while since I've been on the forums. But I can't find answers to my questions anywhere else. I have a Verizon LG G3 and the phone is now paid for, but I canceled my contract with them. Because it is not connected to Verizon anymore, I don't receive updates. I'm still...
  9. A

    Unlocked photos

    i want unlocked photos after locking lg g3 .what a suloved i this
  10. bolski

    Farewell Fellow G3 Users

    Parting company is such sweet sorrow. It is with a heavy heart that I will no longer be owing a G3 as last week, it finally breathed its last breath. It finally died and will only stay on for about 10 to 20 seconds. I've tried new batteries, and it briefly comes on then shuts down. I can get it...
  11. J

    Turning off notification sound for texts only

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to turn off the notification sound and light for text messages only so that I will still get a sound and light for apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. This is why setting notifications to silent won't work. If I go into Settings > Sound & Notification, I don't see an...
  12. miltk

    not getting notifications in gmail

    android v.6 gmail software is current i'm not getting notifications on top when i get email. 4 accounts, of which 3 are not notifying me. one however,,,the latest account i added, is notifying me. i get the occasional "sync error" that i've been getting in android since the dawn of time but it...
  13. Android News

    CyanogenMod 14.1 is being released for a handful of devices

    CyanogenMod 14.1, which is based on Android 7.1 Nougat, is being released for a handful of devices including the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, OnePlus 3, and LG G4.
  14. Drey Valora

    Help LG G3 Random Shut Offs

    Hello I recently got an LG G3 and it was dead so I plugged it in to charge it after it was fully charged I unplugged it and began to use it and everything seemed fine except that it keeps randomly shutting off and not turning back on for anything so I assumed it was the battery so I purchased a...
  15. C

    LG G3 D724 Freezing on "Ending Call"

    My LG3 Mini often freezes on the "ending call" message, necessitating removal and re-insertion of the battery. What is the cause(s)? Thanks.
  16. S

    Help Missing An Entire Folder Of Pictures

    My LG G3 is causing me some headaches today. About 3 days ago, I took a picture and moved it into my "pictures" folder. This "pictures" folder is the folder that edited pictures automatically placed in. I just like to keep all my pictures in this folder to keep the camera folder empty. This...
  17. rich6661

    G3 stopped recognizing any inserted SD card

    A couple days ago my G3 started a constant rebooting. At the same time I got messages that the "SD card needed to be properly ejected" from the notification bar. I hadn't tried to eject it. I powered down and removed and reinserted it and for 10 minutes it was fine but then started again. Now...
  18. A

    [LG G3] Screen uses 99% of the battery

    Hi, I've just joined in today to request assistance on a problem I've recently encountered with my LG G3. I have just updated to the latest O/S version and noticed several things. If my LG G3 is plugged (charging), no restarts are being encountered. Say I remove the plug because I am already...
  19. O

    G3 speaker issue

    Hi! I have come by a LG G3 D855 with no speaker sound. Thinking a new speaker is no problem, I bought it. I bought and put in a new unit, but still no sound. It has Android 6.0. Everything else seem to work fine, also sound via headphones and bluetooth. Thanks for any good advice! Regards Ornulf.
  20. S


    I am not able to hear the callers voice during calls when a unique symbol appears on my notifications.
  21. H

    Help weird red glitch to black slow fade keeps happening??

    So! I have a two year old Android LG G3, and for the most part have had no problems with it. It spends the majority of it's time in an otterbox case, has been dropped (while in the case) maybe 4 times, and I'm very careful about what apps I choose to download.. Nonetheless, about 30 minutes ago...
  22. C

    Help reboot constantly Wifi WiFi stuck "turning on", AOS draining 90% of battery

    First: I had multiple reboot on my phone After, WiFi connecting problems, now my WiFi is completely gone, even the symbol isn't there, nor the outline of the symbol when it's in off mode. I go into settings to toggle it on and the button is greyed out, I am not able to toggle it on and off...
  23. mjgirl2

    Help LG G3 camera won't open

    After updating my phone to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, I noticed that my stock camera no longer opens. Every time I try to open it, the message "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped" pops up. I have factory reset my phone twice, cleared the camera data & cache several times, and attempted to open it...
  24. D

    Help LG Quickmemo+ back up

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum. My LG G3 recently got damaged and I then backed up all the files onto my laptop. The problem is I used to use quick memo notes quite a lot and would love to get them back, but I can't seem to find them anywhere in the phone folders. All I could find in the...
  25. hardgore

    gps doesnt lock

    Hi i upgraded the stock rom, from 5 to 6, via lg pc suite.. currently ,the version is 30b. from since, the gps doesn't lock, or it sometimes locks, but for very short time.. (1-2 minutes). i tried some "gps lock" applications, didnt help.. any ideas? thanks