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Question about Google Voice


Oct 21, 2011
I'm currently on a data plan with no texting plan, so every text WILL cost me. But I heard that Google Voice offers free texting and free calls? If this is true, is it just normal text messages, or does that include picture messaging, video messaging AND text messaging? What about the free calls? How does that work?
You can get free calling if you use GrooveIP
(check Amazon Market. It's usually cheaper there).
It'll make calls over 3G/Wifi and will use your Google Voice number for the calls.

Call quality isn't nearly as good as making a normal cell call, but it does work and domestic calls coming in through GrooveIP (inbound and outbound) will not use carrier minutes.
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Well, I have a problem setting up a google-voice account. After it tells me to create a 4 digit PIN, it goes on to load then it says that the number can't be verified. Anyone know a solution to this? I've already tried twice.

You already have a google email address, right? Can you elaborate on what you're saying? I don't ever recall having to create a pin for GV.
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