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question about having no internet in apps after disable automatic updates in play store.


Nov 8, 2022
hello i hope i have the correct topic and site for this question/problem.
the title says enough actually, but for more information;

i disabled the automatic updates download in the play store for my dads phone.
after i did this; twitter wasnt showing videos automaticly anymore. showing me the loading picture but nothing happens.
under the setting for auto updates is the option for showing videos automaticly in wifi or mobile internet. the setting is and whas on allways. another app is also in offline mode. but youtube works fine. i dont understand and i hope there is a solution for this weird problem.
It sounds like you may need to update Android System Webview.

It is the app that allows other apps to show web content.
Some apps have their own webview, so they will not be affected, but most rely on this Android System Webview.

On the other hand, Google will update this sp quite often, and there is just as much of a chance that you got a bunk update that wont function right.

If updating this one app does not work, then try uninstalling all updates for the app.

This brings it back to its original state as when the device was new, and you will not lose any info or data.

Another issue could be (but try the above first) that some devices use Chrome as a webview instead.
So if this is the case, then try the above remedies for Chrome.

Feel free to ask if you need instructions on how to do (or find) any of this.
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