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Does anyone know if there's a way to make Android 5.1 (Note 5) to ASK every time which app I want to use to open a certain file type?

I switched to the Note 5 from a Galaxy S4 with 4.4.4. On 4.4.4, it would ask me every time I open a file which app I want to use. On my Note 5, it asks, but there's no option to NOT make it default.

Any ideas?
I think you can go into your manage applications, and click the menu to clear app defaults :)

edit: I've added to your thread title to attract more attention to your issue;)

I know you can clear app defaults, but that's not what I want. If I clear all defaults then click an internet link, it will ask me which browser I want to use. Again, it doesn't give me an option to use Chrome "just once" without setting it as default.
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