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Help question on battery life

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It depends on what you were doing for those 6 hours. If it was 6 hours of constant use, streaming movies with the screen brightness set to max, that might be about right (can't say for sure, I've never done that). I regularly go 2 to 3 days with my usage, but that's just a few hours of light use each day.

Can you give us more of an idea of what was going on in those 6 hours?
What widgets were running?
Do you have a dock?
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Hi guys i just bought myself a transformer and am not getting good mileage from the battery
The first charge at 8 hours definitely did not last more than 6hours. This is a far cry from my wife's ipad 2 out of thebox

Is this normal or did i get a faulty set?

For mine it sad that it might not reach its batteries full potential until after several complete draining and full charging periods and i have found that to be true
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This is a far cry from my wife's ipad 2 out of thebox

Apple has mastered power management, I've never seen a device with as good a battery life as the iPad line, it's one of the few things I really miss since switching to an android tablet with near-identical specs.

Torrents will eat batteries alive. I wouldnt even suggest running them on a full-fledged laptop on battery power due to the drastic increase of consumption (if your surfing the web, the NIC is only active (usually in half-duplex download mode) for the most part while loading the page, afterwards it goes into idle mode, if a torrent is running then the NIC is active 24/7 both uploading and downloading. (full duplex mode))

On the other paw, I tend to get around 5-6 hours also when online (only syncing and checking various emails) and watching local 720p media from the SD card, so it may simply be the wifi itself drains a lot of power. If I can remember, next time I'm spending a long time watching video I'll turn off WiFi and let you know how/if it changed power consumption.
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I stream videos from Media PCs. I play games. I surf and stuff. I would say I test the old fashion way....Use the damn thing. I am very pleased with the battery life. I generally get two days or so. The battery specs are very true...it does last a long time.

Now in the beginning...........Christmas

I FULLY charged the battery BEFORE even turning it on....about 8 - 10 hours. Then used it and let it drain down down to nothing....0%. Then recharged again...about 8 hours. Used again until 0%, then a complete recharge again. The batter life is outstanding.
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With a fully charged battery it will go 9 hrs while watching 720p videos constantly. But there are factors in that. Is WiFi on, bluetoot, screen brightness etc etc.

My brightness is set to about 40%. BT & GPS set to off when not in use.

I watched 2 movies back to back which I assume is approx 4-5 hours and still had approx 50% battery power remaining. But I was also using external speakers.

Just be careful with your settings and it should last plenty long.
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