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Question on music


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Jul 2, 2011
Hi guys, I got a question for you regarding my music library and using both the stock player and PowerAmp.

Long story short I have a LOT of music on my computer that was transferred to my phone(s) over the course of many years. Some of this music I got from Napster ages ago and other stuff purchased through Google Play. All of the music was purchased and or ripped from my CDs.

However somewhere down the line and many years ago, Some songs lost their "labeling" if you will for lack of a better word. So when I play these songs in the PowerAmp or any player for that matter I have no idea what's playing. I've gone through a few songs and tried to edit and save tags and info through PowerAmp but it never seems to stick. I'll hook up to my computer to view the files I edited and they are labeled mp3, etc again. For a while I was using Google Play as my phones player for music, etc..However when I pulled the plug on that and moved them to PowerAmp, The songs that just had album art and descriptions now has none.. Very frustrating.

Is there an easier or faster way to get Album Art and info onto song files?

Maybe it's just me, But it seems like PowerAmps feature to find Album art/Information online is useless.

I'm really trying to clean up my library on PowerAmp and get things organized. Is there an App I can download on my PC that allows me to do editing to the songs as it would obviously be easier to do this on my pc than on my S3?

Any input would be much appreciated.


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